Given the closures brought about by the coronavirus, many universities are challenged with how to best deliver examinations remotely; especially to large numbers of students. ConnectYard's WhatsApp Building Block allows you to administer online examinations while eliminating potential connectivity issues. With WhatsApp you know once the student has received your question, which is key for timed tests, as well as their location, which is key for identity verification. In addition, WhatsApp is tied to a university confirmed phone number, which helps further verify the identity of the test taker. Lastly, WhatsApp is highly scalable, so even when the system or connection is slow, it will be fast!

Please plan to join us on Tuesday the 21st of April at 11AM Saudi time to learn how Dr. Khalid Al-Utaibi at University of Hail plans to leverage ConnectYard's WhatsApp Building Block to remotely administer examinations!

This Webinar is sponsored by ConnectYard in partnership with Board Middle East, and Global Dimension for Education and Training.

We encourage you to register in advance as there are only a limited number of attendee slots available!