"We think students know something because we send an email, or we say it once. But it takes multiple means of messaging, and it takes reinforcement."  

-- The Chronicle of Higher Education

It's become clear that email alone is no longer an effective tool for reaching and engaging today’s student body as it's one of the last places students (especially remote learners) check for something new or interesting; largely because it's become a source of constant spam. Yet, many student service organizations still rely heavily on email to promote support services, events and other activities that are key to overall student success. ConnectYard allows you to easily deliver important and timely notifications to students via WhatsApp (delivery and read receipts), Twitter DM, Facebook, SMS (no data plan required), MMS (rich text, picture and video messaging), Voice (text-to-speech, speech-to-text) using Amazon Poly (Alexa in 29 languages) and other SPAM-FREE places they are more likely to check than email; especially those with disabilities, non-English speaking backgrounds, and limited or no internet at home.

ConnectYard is very easy to use and works with existing websites, portals and email systems, including listservs and is ideal for delivering remote counseling and other critical support services. Our platform also allows for students to opt-in to the channels and languages in which they prefer to receive your messages - either one-to-one or one-to-many communications. Numerous institutions are utilizing our unique platform to enhance how they engage with students, parents and staff.



Features & Benefits

Replaces Antiquated Listsrvs

  • With ConnectYard’s easy to use platform, Administrators can now send an email directly to ConnectYard to use its listsrvs. That email is transmitted as a ConnectYard Listsrvs, going out to the students preferred channels.

Robust Analytics

  • ConnectYard offers a highly robust analytic feature. With our analytics feature you can run reports across the entire campus, including channel adoption, time to view messages, and much more.

Opt-in Notifications

  • Notifications for all communication channels are opt-in and can be customized. Students can manage and opt-in to messages that they are interested in receiving (Student Affairs, Athletics, First Year Student Experience, etc.); no more spam!

Automatically Updates Social Media Pages

  • ConnectYard automatically posts across all of your Facebook and Twitter pages regardless from where the message originates (e.g. portal, email, etc). This saves time as you need only send one message to reach all of your social media outlets. 

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ConnectYard offers a flat rate price based on the number of potential subscribers during a given year. The more users you have, the lower the unit cost per user. This includes unlimited messaging and groups, phone and email support as well as version updates and upgrades. The service license can be purchased annually with discounts applied for multi-year agreements.



Experience first-hand how anytime, anywhere communication and collaboration can help your organization increase engagement and decrease spam!