COVID-19 - Fighting Information Fatigue

Students and parents seem to fall into one of two camps: 1.) "Ugh! I'm so tired of all of these emails!" 2.) "Ugh! What email?" Sound familiar?

Your district community might be suffering from information fatigue. In this 30-minute session, we're going to unpack some of the root causes of information fatigue and how schools can improve communication throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

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Google Classroom Analytics - Measure and Track Educator Effectiveness!
Dozens of data points are generated each day about online activity from your teachers. Google Classroom Analytics helps district administrators automatically log and report this data to meet State compliance requirements, conduct more effective classroom observations and make informed intervention decisions.
During this 30-minute session we will provide best practices for using Google Classroom Analytics to:
  • Log and report activities across all your teachers and classes
  • See how long it takes teachers to respond to student inquiries
  • Provide engagement scoring for top and low ranking teachers 
  • Allow you to see your highest and lowest performing classes
  • Enable you to share key teacher communications with parents
  • Receive summaries of class activities at the end of each day

All webinar registrants receive a FREE 60-DAY TRIAL of our Google Classroom Analytics offering.

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Ensuring Operational Continuity of Your Learning Environment During Outages

About the webinar

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, there has been a massive increase in Learning Management Systems (LMS) usage as part of the COVID-based transition to virtual instruction. Given the increased student volumes and resource demands, having a plan in place to ensure continuity of teaching and learning should your LMS become unresponsive, or slow enough to be unusable, is essential. Being prepared to scale your connectivity to your students is a multi-faceted endeavor - from including assurance that assignments and assessments can be submitted on-line and on-time, to providing your instructors and academic staff with alternate channels to reach their learners with important and timely information. Join this webinar to hear steps your institution can take to ensure operational continuity by using ConnectYard's Building Block for Blackboard, App for Canvas or Module for Moodle.

During this session we will provide suggested practices for ensuring content is online and accessible for your learners during times of crisis. Discussion topics include:

  • Ensuring Assignments and Assessments are Always Available
  • Enabling Instructors to Post and Reply to Your LMS from Email
  • Allowing Instructors to Confirm Who has Viewed their Posts
  • Q&A with ConnectYard team

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is open for anyone involved in administering or delivering teaching and learning; especially system administrators, eLearning technologists, IT managers, Heads of Teaching and Learning, faculty and academic staff. Please feel free to share with your colleagues.

All webinar registrants receive a FREE 60-DAY TRIAL of ConnectYard's Building Block or LMS Module.

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COVID-19: Leveraging WhatsApp Building Block for Online Examinations

Given the closures brought about by the coronavirus, many universities are challenged with how to best deliver examinations remotely; especially to large numbers of students. ConnectYard's WhatsApp Building Block allows you to administer online examinations while eliminating potential connectivity issues. With WhatsApp you know once the student has received your question, which is key for timed tests, as well as their location, which is key for identity verification. In addition, WhatsApp is tied to a university confirmed phone number, which helps further verify the identity of the test taker. Lastly, WhatsApp is highly scalable, so even when the system or connection is slow, it will be fast!

Please plan to join us on Tuesday the 21st of April at 11AM Saudi time to learn how Dr. Khalid Al-Utaibi at University of Hail plans to leverage ConnectYard's WhatsApp Building Block to remotely administer examinations!

This Webinar is sponsored by ConnectYard in partnership with Board Middle East, and Global Dimension for Education and Training.

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COVID 19 - The Need to Go Beyond Email for Engagement!

It's become clear that email alone is no longer an effective tool for reaching and engaging today’s student body as it's one of the last places students (especially remote learners) check for something new or interesting; largely because it's become a source of constant spam. Yet, many student service organizations still rely heavily on email to promote support services, events and other activities that are key to overall student success. ConnectYard allows you to easily deliver important and timely notifications to students via WhatsApp, Twitter DM, Facebook, SMS (no data plan required), MMS (rich text, picture and video messaging), Voice (text-to-speech, speech-to-text) using Amazon Poly (Alexa in 29 languages) and other SPAM-FREE places they are more likely to check than email; especially those with disabilities or limited or no internet at home.

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Sending WhatsApp Alerts from Blackboard for COVID-19!

Given the concern of the coronavirus and its impact on all of our schools, we understand that communication with students and staff throughout this crisis is crucial. As such we are offering a FREE 1-month subscription to our ConnectYard Pandemic Alerts offering, which can be used to send out COVID-19 updates or other important and timely notifications via the world's most popular messaging services; including WhatsApp, Twitter, SMS and more directly from Blackboard!

With the Free trial in mind, today’s session will focus on the benefits of ConnectYard to the faculty, when trying to maintain some sense of normalcy during this stressful time! I encourage you to register as soon as possible since enrollment will be limited for this important and timely session and demand is expected to be significant! I hope you will join us?

Pandemic Preparedness - Ensure Timely Notification During COVID-19 Outbreaks!

Pandemic preparedness is more important now than ever, due to an increasingly globalized and mobile world. Whether it’s from a coronavirus outbreak or the seasonal flu, schools, hospitals and businesses could very quickly be incapacitated. Reduce the risks for your staff and constituents by having a comprehensive pandemic preparedness plan in place.

ConnectYard's pandemic preparedness solutions provide everything you need to protect your organization should an outbreak of COVID-19 or other health emergency occur – including expert communication strategies using a combination of the world's most popular messaging services such as WhatsApp, Twitter and SMS alerts, extensive training programs and more.

Don't wait until it's too late...join us on the 25th of March at 11AM Saudi time to learn expert best practices for ensuring the health and safety of your entire organization during COVID-19 outbreaks.

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This Webinar is sponsored by ConnectYard in partnership with Board Middle East, and Global Dimension for Education and Training.

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"Everything we do before a pandemic will seem alarmist. Everything we do after will seem inadequate" -M. Leavitt


Please join us on the 24th of February at 10:30AM SAST to learn how Dr. Talal Alasmari of Jeddah University is using WhatsApp to engage more students than ever before. Jeddah University recognizes both the opportunity and necessity of extending communications beyond the learning management system in order to facilitate greater student engagement and increased participation. ConnectYard's WhatsApp for Education and Training solutions enable Jeddah University and other organizations in the Kingdom to better engage learners using the world’s most popular social messaging service!

Be one of the first ten registrants and receive a FREE ConnectYard WhatsApp online training session (valued at US$2500) with any license purchase.

This Webinar is sponsored by ConnectYard in partnership with Board Middle East, and Global Dimension for Education and Training.

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Learn How to Message Your Students on WhatsApp with Blackboard!

ConnectYard, Inc., the leading provider of student engagement solutions, will demonstrate its new WhatsApp messaging support for Blackboard and show how your institution can now engage students directly thru the world’s most popular social messaging service. The new functionality is designed to make it easier and more manageable for instructors and staff to message prospective students, current students and alumni via WhatsApp as well as confirm receipt of those messages.

In this Webinar we will show how you can:

- Easily send WhatsApp messages to groups of students and confirm receipt

- Use ConnectYard to group student messages by course, year, gender, etc

- Control which users in groups can post and reply to WhatsApp messages

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Learn How Pearson LearningStudio & ConnectYard Can Help Your Institution Increase Student Engagement & Retention!
Today’s students are technology savvy with digital expectations. They are coming of age in a Web 2.0 world where Facebook, Twitter and text messaging are the preferred channels for sharing and communicating ideas. So how do educators leverage these same social and mobile technologies to increase student engagement and ultimately improve learning outcomes?
ConnectYard provides a completely private and secure, hosted social engagement module for Pearson LearningStudio that instantly notifies students about important announcements, reminders and grade updates via their preferred communications channels of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, text message and email accounts. 
ConnectYard also enables two-way communication feedback so students can immediately reply to posts without having to sign into LearningStudio. This  allows faculty and staff to post new messages or respond to student queries directly from LearningStudio or via email.
This Webinar will examine how both faculty and the institution can leverage LearningStudio and ConnectYard to better:
* deliver real-time course and campus-level notifications 
* send key information to students on their mobile devices and social media sites (vs. email which may sit unread for days/weeks)
* include the institution and faculty in the conversation.