What people are saying about ConnectYard:

“The most appealing benefit to us is ConnectYard’s ability to connect students, teachers, parents and staff using social media without requiring them to change their behavior.”
– John Logan, Vice President of Curriculum Innovation for Florida Virtual School

"I love the connectivity and the way ConnectYard bridges information to students where they’re comfortable whether it be tweeting, texting or facebooking!
Cindy Handley, Graduate Coordinator Department of Medical Laboratory Science College of Health, University of Southern Mississippi

"Feedback from our students and faculty has been overwhelmingly positive. They like the customization of the service and that it allows them to access their messages from anywhere on their mobile devices."
– Amy Thornton, Project Manager - Online Academic Support, University of Southern Mississippi

"Students will be able to text, Tweet, and post messages on Facebook while doing laundry, walking down the street, or hanging out with friends and become more comfortable interacting with technology which will help prepare them for their future careers and lives.”
– Dr. Mary Braz, Professor, West Chester University
“As a community college, we are up against a serious digital divide where not every student has regular access to a computer, so providing the option to use any phone, not just the smart ones, as a learning device is a real game changer.”
– Debra Greene, Director, Howard Community College

I like getting to know things up front, without having to wait for information by email or regular mail that I rarely, if ever, check.
– Student, Anne Arundel Community College

"It made me more able to communicate with several people at the same time. We were able to relay information to all the members of our group at once. It was a great method for communication."
- Student, Appalachian State University
"Our students and faculty are excited about the opportunities that ConnectYard gives us. Now we can interact with students using technology they know and love instead of making them come to us.”
– Pamela Gutman, Instructional Designer, Loyola University Maryland
"I started to use ConnectYard to remind students about the deadlines for their online quizzes and homework assignments. Interestingly, the quiz completion ratio for students has increased dramatically and I feel this is due to the immediate reminders that I am able to send directly to cell phones."
- John Lane, Instructional Applications Engineer, University of Houston-Downtown
"We chose ConnectYard to support our study projects because it effectively increases student-student and student-faculty communication. Its ability to make students aware of important information via Facebook, Twitter and text messaging was also extremely important.”
– Dr. Wade Boykin, Professor, Howard University
"Allowing instructors to interact with students on Facebook and Twitter by simply using email without any friending or following is a real game changer. ConnectYard has definitely increased discussion between instructors, TAs, and students in my calculus section and the great thing is that everyone was able to continue using the technologies they were already familiar with."
- Daniel Robertson, Graduate student, Howard University
"ConnectYard is an impressive communication tool that enables me to interact with my students using a variety of channels via one streamlined process.”
– Dr. Renee Robinson, Professor, Saint Xavier University
"We wanted to pilot ConnectYard because it looks like a great tool to communicate to students on the tools they use."
– Joel Rahn, Academic Computing Manager, Concordia University Texas
"Integrating ConnectYard into courses offers students the ability to experience different ways to share information, connect with classmates and use technology in their education."
- Jill Labuda, Student, Saint Xavier University

"At Globe University and the Minnesota School of Business we are implementing ConnectYard as a tool to help increase student engagement. By allowing our students to select the communication channels that are most important to them, ConnectYard will be an appealing addition to our instructors and students in our residential course offerings, as well as our fully online courses."
- Matt Long, Director of Information Services, Globe University

"Faculty will be able to view and reply to new discussion threads directly from their e-mail without being logged into Blackboard, while students will be able to do the same from their Facebook, Twitter and mobile phones, which is truly exciting!"
- René Aubé, Learning Management System Specialist, Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick

"If you need to get information to college students about coursework in a timely fashion, the best method wouldn't be to send them an e-mail and it wouldn't be to ask them to log into a website. What we hear from our students is that they want to be communicated with in the spaces where they're hanging out."
- Blake Haggerty, Assistant Director for Instructional Design, NJIT

"For me the beauty of CY is that it meets the needs of students at being able to get the message (short and sweet) where they want it. It also mitigates some of the challenges institutions face in terms of quickly engaging in conversation with students especially when something negative gets said."
-Corey Davis, Director of Online Learning, Our Lady of the Lake University