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"We are committed to working with partners to deliver integrated communication solutions and have invested significant time and resources into developing an easy-to-use API."


The ConnectYard API enables developers to easily send direct messages to users via social media accounts, including WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, in addition to SMS and email, enabling them to more easily reach and engage their users with time-sensitive communications.

The API will include interfaces for API authentication, user and group management, notification option selection, message insertion, retrieval and deletion, and usage analytics. As a result, developers can deploy robust applications that allow for more engaging one-to-many and one-to-one communications across a variety of channels without making time consuming and expensive changes to their source code.


Features & Benefits

  • API Authentication - ConnectYard’s API Authentication allows your developers to easily interface with our platform. OAuth 1.0a based authentication.
  • Create Users and Yards - This feature will give you the ability to create users and yards. 
  • Add / Drop Users Into / From Yards - This will allow you to enroll students and users into specified yards or drop them out of yards.
  • Get User and Yard Information - Now you can retrieve general information about specific yards or users in your community.
  • Get and Set Users Notification Options - Update a users communications channels and notification options. Current channels are: WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SMS Text and email through the API.
  • Post and Reply to Messages - Post message to specified yard or reply to specified messages.
  • Receive Message Timelines - Receive the message timelines for users on multiple levels (Home, Yard, and replies for an individual post).
  • Get and Set Yard Settings - Allow instructors to review the settings for their yard and make any modifications they choose.
  • Get Reports - Allow instructors / administrators to retrieve reports on the activity usage in a given yard.
  • Delete Messages - Depending on the setting of a yard, either a poster or an admin may delete a posted message.

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