Campus Safety

"With the uncertainty of today's tragedies and wide variety of technologies, the need to reach students and staff quickly and effectively is a necessity!"

ConnectYard enables you to increase the effectiveness of campus alerts by easily adding social media, voice or priority text notifications to your existing system. With minimal setup, you can send direct messages to social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, in addition to SMS (text, picture and video messaging), voice (text-to-speech, speech-to-text) and email, so that you have the best chance of reaching students, faculty, staff, campus security, first responders, parents and others with time-sensitive communications.

The ConnectYard platform can also add support for two-way messaging, which allows your users to respond with real-time updates during potentially dangerous situations before help arrives. With the uncertainty of super storms and other catastrophic events, being able to reach your constituents through a wide variety of technologies is a necessity.


Features & Benefits

Enhanced Notifications

  • ConnectYard is a multimodal, social and mobile media communications platform that easily integrates with existing mass notification services, including Blackboard Connect, e2Campus uAlert, Rave Alert and numerous others. With ConnectYard, you will be able to instantly reach your students via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, text message, voice and personal as well as institutional email accounts..

Voice Messaging

  • ConnectYard converts your typed message, which can originate from any number of channels, including email, text or social media, to an audio file and sends it as a voice message. You can also call our hotline and leave a voice message, which is then automatically converted to text and broadcast to users on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, text message, voice and email.

Priority Messaging

  • Outbound text notifications sent via the ConnectYard platform are assigned a "high priority" status and bumped to the front of the queue to be routed before other non-vital messages. In the event of an emergency, this helps ensure that urgent messages reach your users as quickly as possible.

Automatically Updates Social Media Pages

  • ConnectYard automatically posts across all of your Facebook and Twitter pages regardless from where the message originates (e.g. portal, email, etc). This saves time as you need only send one message to reach all of your social media outlets.

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ConnectYard offers a flat rate price based on the number of potential subscribers during a given year. The more users you have, the lower the unit cost per user. This includes unlimited messaging and groups, phone and email support as well as version updates and upgrades. The service license can be purchased annually with discounts applied for multi-year agreements.

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